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In most sectors of textile manufacturing, automation is one major key to quality improvement and cost competitiveness. Early modernisation and technical developments in textiles concentrated on the automation of individual machines and their processes. Here, all process and machine variables were identified and placed under the surveillance of monitors or microprocessors. The machine and operating parameters of acceptable change were studied and programmed to control the quality and reproducibility of materials being produced.

The next step involved the inter-linking of sequential machinery processes. Progress has been made in connecting operations such as yarn spinning systems, but considerable technical improvements are required to achieve fully automated textile mill operations.

As system integrator in the textiles industry, we offer a range of solutions specifically for fiber and textiles manufacturing that can improve your operation at every point by:
  • Deploying flexible manufacturing strategies so that you can manufacture multiple products on a single machine so you can quickly respond to changing market demands — and lower your cost-per-meter
  • Utilizing open communication networks to enable you to automatically collect and feed data into your mill's MIS system to improve product quality
  • Increasing your production rates for everything from synthetic-fiber spinning and yarn manufacturing to weaving and fabric processing by integrating our components for a mill-wide solution
  • Increasing uptime of continuous processes by implementing proven fail-safe systems
  • Providing automatic ability for tracking and tracing for safety-critical products, such as airbag yarn

  • Electrical Energy Utilization In The textile Industry
    In general, energy in the textile industry is mostly used in the forms of electricity, as a common power source for machinery, cooling and temperature control systems, lighting, office equipment, etc. Oil as a fuel for boilers which generate steam, liquefied petroleum gas, coal, and city gas. The energy consumption shares majority areas of various specialized technical fields and it can be seen that energy consumption is relatively high in the fields of dyeing and finishing, fiber production, spinning, weaving and clothing manufacturing. There are recent trends in the use of various energy sources in the fiber production and dyeing and finishing divisions of the textile industry, where the energy consumption ratio is relatively high.

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