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HVAC & Refrigeration

Integrated energy conservation design lowers energy consumption through:
  • Use of energy-saving by drive.
  • improved energy management through flow rate adjustments.
  • Equipment monitoring (diagnostic, fault management, alarms) for immediate intervention.
  • Integration into building management systems (BMS).
  • Accurately controlling air flow at AHU.
  • Enhancing comfort through reduced fan operation noise.
  • Remote monitoring of AHU’s (dampers, filters, etc.)

  • Water Treatment Plants (Sewerage & RO)

    From drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, wastewater and water transport, SPECTRUM has the answer for all demands associated with the water industry. With our diverse product portfolio for the water treatment, RO plants and Pumping Stations industry, we offer systems for water management, sewerage control, leakage detection, optimization of operations, document management.

    Lifts, Escalators, Hoist & cranes

    Improved drive control enables safe, accurate and consistent floor leveling, as well as:
  • Smoother stops and starts, even under full load.
  • Built-in brake sequence functions and reduced braking noise.
  • Better control and minimized vibration.
  • Built-in features significantly reduce the risk of accidents and enable the equipment to meet latest safety regulations.
  • Password protected menus to control programmers.
  • Precision floor-leveling modules.
  • Uniform shaft/hoist way lighting.

  • Material handling

    Streamlined conveying line operation is made possible by:
  • Decentralized control and coordinated motor positioning solutions.
  • Integrated safety monitoring for controlled stops in specific areas.
  • Reduced wiring time and errors through Plug and Play connection.
  • Increase production capacity and get enhanced flexibility through.
  • Motor starter modularity with removable control modules.
  • Ability to retrofit to any conveyor system.
  • Increase system reliability and reduce downtime.
  • High level of reliability and traceability to assembly lines.
  • Convenient on-demand diagnostics.

  • Packaging

    Increase performance and flexibility
  • High production speeds.
  • Fully automated changeover for quick adaptation to a new type of product or package.
  • Easy customization at very low cost.
  • Expedite time to market and reduce commissioning time.
  • A single tool for design and maintenance ensures consistency throughout life cycle.
  • Software libraries shorten design lead-time.
  • A reliable communication architecture facilitates integration of all system control components.
  • Ready-to-use cabling systems reduce installation time.
  • Synchronize multiple devices.
  • Scalable architecture enabling synchronization various third party devices.
  • Possibility of integrating robot functionalities.

  • Simple/Mid Range/Complex machines

    If you seek to develop standardized, user-friendly automated installations with complete and independent sub-assemblies. We can provide you solution with tested, validated and documented generic architectures.

    Our team will assist you to easily build and upgrade automated distributed machines featuring:
  • Open, high-performance networks.
  • Improved modularity and flexibility.
  • Remote diagnostics.

  • Offer high modularity and flexibility
  • Automation package combining human machine dialogue, control of power and I/Os offer a real solution to build flexible and modular installations .
  • Maximize machine productivity.
  • Increase productivity efficiency from design to maintenance, for entire life cycle.
  • Meet varying performance requirements with different Industrial communication protocols.
  • Integrate time-saving remote diagnostics.
  • Offer a complete and transparent remote access solution for maintenance, alerts and servicing .

    Alpha Techno Solutions
    K-189, MIDC,Waluj, Aurangabad-431 136, Maharashtra , INDIA.
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