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Food & Beverages
In the food and beverage industry, the ever changing regulations make it imperative to have a proper running system -- one that will allow a multi-faceted way of being user friendly, but also set strict guidelines to ensure proper personnel are held accountable for their department. Beyond lab systems and inventory tracking, a complete food safety regimen requires integration of all elements of manufacturing into a comprehensive solution. From automation through track-and-trace, the Alpha Techno Solutions portfolio binds the production environment to the lab and to the distribution system for a complete picture of quality and safety.

Key Benefits:
  • Track raw materials to help you better understand quality parameters and allow you to adjust your processes, ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Gathers information needed to prove your process utilities aren't introducing risk.
  • Employ electronic standard operating procedures (eSOPS) to guide your operators through HACCP procedures and verify that your procedures have been followed.
  • Packaging power: Our solutions enable you to leverage best practices and standards enabling seamless integration for your lines.
  • Minimize variation by guiding operators through the process, helping them adjust to quality parameter deviations and enabling real time process control.
  • Track and trace products for rapid risk containment and root cause analysis.

  • The food, beverage and consumer packaged goods industries arguably face the most intense pressures to meet the demands of changing customer needs, strict government regulation and incredible competition.

    Changing Market Conditions also affect these industries far quicker than many others. For example, the availability of raw materials such as wheat crops, which are impacted by changing weather conditions or the vulnerability of parts supply due to world events. All have an impact on the costs and availability of the goods to be produced.

    We focus on minimizing impacts in times of trouble and maximize times of growth. A data management solution that deals with these rising issues ,focusing on a lean manufacturing strategy and delivered to improve capacity, quality and/or delivery is often described as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    This solution could improve many activities that take place within your
    plant and will deliver the following capabilities and benefits:
  • Process Improvement and Visualization
  • Quality Management
  • Integration into Business Applications
  • Reporting and Analysis, Track and Trace
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Energy Saving and Optimization
  • Manufacturing Intelligence

    Alpha Techno Solutions
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