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Electrical Network Study

Protection system in the electrical network
Switchgear: in charge of clearing faults.
Sensors: providing measurements to detect faults.
Protective relays: processing measurements and ordering to clear faults.

Why protection system is needed
Personnel safety against electrical hazards.
Avoid equipment stress: thermal, electrical and mechanical damages.
Assure network stability.
Clear electrical faults and maintain service continuity.

Features of protection system

Discrimination between protection systems, isolating a faulty area of the electrical network as quickly as possible and leaving all the fault-free areas energized.

How to do
  • Time based discrimination.
  • Current based discrimination.
  • Logic discrimination.
  • Directional protection discrimination.
  • Differential protection discrimination.
  • Combined.

  • Parameters
    The complexity and size of the electrical network.
    Network architecture Existing sources and their response in the event of a fault Operating time of each protection system.
    Backup time Compromise continuity of service vs. degree of protection.

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