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Distribution Boards / SMDB / MDB / PDB

Distribution Boards
The electrical wiring is carried out to distribute current from a single source of
supply to various circuits, such arrangement of circuits is made inside an
enclosure called Distribution Board. The Distribution Board
is not merely an enclosure but a comprehensive system in itself, comprising of
copper bus bars, brass neutral links, earth links to facilitate effective distribution
of current. It incorporates safety devices such as MCBs, ELCBs and Isolators,
which serves to protect the installation. A wide range of compact, elegant
 & economical DBs with unique features, designed & engineered to provide
user safety, convenience and operational / maintenance advantages are offered.

Aesthetically superior DBs to suit the style of your home decor. Complete range of
DBs with detachable gland plates at the top and bottom with knockouts on the sides of DB to increase the flexibility of
cables /conduit entry from all directions. Ready to use DBs that are supplied with Neutral Links, Earth Links, Bus Bar and inter connecting wire/links.

Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)
Extremely economical for reducing Power cabling costs. Installation generally at load centers.
Sheet steel enclosed with Powder coating In Cabinet (Wall mounting) or Feeder Pillar (Floor mounting) design. Outdoor or Indoor type with suitable protection. Ample space for ease of cable Termination. Complete with MCCB/Switch/HRC fuses etc. Customized to user requirements.

Power Distribution Boards (PDB) / Main Distribution Boards (MDB)
Power Distribution Board consists of Main Incomer of 250A/400A/630A etc
upto 2500A or 4000A with metering and indications and various numbers of
outgoing feeders of different ratings . Provision of ALPHA TECHNO Electrotal
/ Vertical Busbars of adequate rating and suitable cable alleys so as to
terminate the cables from top/bottom side.

The design of cabinet is suitable for the location available which way
completed erected and commissioned at site. The photograph shows
internal arrangement of components and Bus bars which is designed
for ease of maintenance and sufficient space for cooling. All the safety
precautions are duly taken along with strongly supported busbars so as
to sustain the short circuits on outgoing side if any.

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