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The automotive landscape is changing. Emerging markets are forcing you to re-think production strategies. The effects of a tight economy and intense competition means you need suppliers to play a larger role in successfully executing the supply chain. Our industrial automation and control solutions span the entire automotive supply chain and can help you address these challenges while staying focused on improving quality, reducing costs, increasing responsiveness and ultimately improving time-to-customer throughout your supply chain. By combining our integrated architecture with proven automotive manufacturing solutions, you get accurate, event-driven information about materials, operations and finished-product requirements — and the ability to deliver and receive the right components, in the right quantities, at exactly the right time and place. The result: faster time-to-customer for the entire industry. Your requirements are unique. So are our solutions. We listen to you then apply our resources to build cost-effective, results-based solutions for the automotive industry. We are committed to your success. Whatever your automation challenges, you'll find the answer by partnering with us.

Putting it all together
Our project management and engineering capabilities simplify the consistent design, build and implementation of equipment to exacting standards across the globe. This includes offering existing solutions for key application areas such as:
  • Powertrain Applications
  • Solutions for manufacturing based upon proven architectures and product configurations that streamline machine design, enhance productivity and improve plant uptime by minimizing the number of unique components.
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • We support consistent solutions for all project OEMs with flexible configurations are available for paint, assembly, conveyor and/or skid/skillet applications with parts, service and support readily available at the local level.
  • Safety Gatebox
  • Safety compliant solution that provides for the orderly, systematic and safe shutdown of an automotive manufacturing cell or area.
  • Press Systems and Consulting Services
  • Turnkey services to retrofit or upgrade control systems for mechanical and hydraulic presses to extend machine life and optimize productivity.
  • Power System Engineering
  • Complete power system study, assessment and design to identify, plan and achieve safety and reliability improvements by better managing harmonics, arc flash, utility power factor penalties and other elements of your facility.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Our Total Energy Control solution builds a long-term comprehensive Energy Action Plan that serves as the blueprint for future energy savings by identifying supply and demand side procurement opportunities, demand management and projects to optimize process and plant utilities (electricity and other fuels)
  • Enterprise Facility System Integration
  • Enterprise energy management solutions and services to consolidate facility information systems to display the true cost, usage and effectiveness of energy, equipment and processes.

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